Youth and Cannabis: Federal Liberals Bad Planning Vote Op Legislation


Enjoy your legalized recreational cannabis and don’t look over here, or here or here… and whatever you do, don’t look over there, either.

For Mr. Trudeau’s Liberals in Ottawa, a government big on messaging and divisive politics and notably short on deliverables, the keeping of at least this one election promise, which may be one of two that gave them their majority in 2015 (the other being electoral reform), the legalization of using and growing recreational cannabis will be the pinnacle achievement for it.

The Liberal Party of Canada apparatus knows for sure, but that the Trudeau government saw this through and more, pushed it through ahead of the 2019 election, indicates awareness that this was one promise that could not be sidelined.

Set Legal Minimum Age

As our Liberal Member of Parliament knows, the set legal minimum age to consume cannabis is well below the age that is recognized as when cannabis use may cause less harm.

We also know that the current Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promoted the legalization of cannabis as an approach that will reduce under-age use. Yet there is no set fine for under-aged use, correct? So that means that no tickets can be written. Which to me means there is no actual minimum age that can be currently enforced.

Look, this has been rolled out by the seat of the pants of the Liberal government in Ottawa. The Liberals campaigned on this and got a lot of votes for it. But getting support for it and being incompetent in its approach in legalizing it are two very different things. But the Liberals were on the hook for it and they had already badly bungled another big election plank, electoral reform, so legalization went ahead as it has.

We know this isn’t about the black market. That will always be with us. This is now about MONEY for this spend-happy Liberal government.

And the best part? This Liberal government pretends to be evidence-based. Nope.

This is being rolled out to our youth, it’s being normalized more effectively with its legalization than anything else could, and yet this Liberal government will try to pretend it’s not party to the harm it has just opened our country’s youth to. Shameful.

I am on a committee to help identify the person who I hope will replace Liberal Member of Parliament Lloyd Longfield. I have previously worked with Lloyd as volunteer board members on a local non-profit and I would even consider him a friend of sorts.

But his party leader lacks judgement and so here we are, with me commenting on Lloyd’s government’s by-the-seat-of-its-pants approach to something it considers to be a priority ahead of going to the polls in 2019.

Ignoring Evidence and Data

We know that the federal government knows that significant and lasting harm can follow from using cannabis – it is accepted that the brain continues to develop until age 25 and using cannabis at younger ages poses detrimental risks. And yet the same government that says it is evidence-based has ignored the data on something big, and I am watching for the reaction to it.

Let me be clear: the move to legalize will cut into the black market – to extent to which remains to be seen, depending on how bungled this becomes and the black market’s response to that – but this is about getting a cut. For investors and for broke governments.

It’s About The Money

It is about money, and it is about votes, and there is an air of desperation for both by the Trudeau Liberals, rushed through as the legalization was, and contrary to recommendations on minimum age, at the cost of unknown real impact to young adults. And we can expect this move will normalize the use of recreational cannabis, legally or not.

The question is, who locally is going to call Lloyd and his government on those impacts? Who locally is going to take Lloyd and his government to task for how this move was implemented?

Have a look at this article.


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