Why Do People Knit For Charity? ~ Elizabeth Ruth

In efforts to clean up, I plan to look through my yarn stash. I’ll either set it aside for specific projects or donate what I know I will never use. How did I get so much yarn? It all began with the time I inherited yarn from older relatives who no longer craft and kind strangers who supported my desire to knit for charity.

What Motivates People To Give To Charity?

Making items to donate for charity is nothing new and there are many reasons why people make items to donate for charity. 

I know for myself, I first started my blanket making because I wanted something to do in the evenings, I had a ton of yarn to use up, and the family’s wardrobe was bursting with items I had made for them.

Additionally, it was great to bring along simple projects to work on when I met up for knit or crochet and chats with my friends.


And it feels really good to donate, too.

Why Is Giving Back So Important?

I recently read an article from Count On News 2 about a woman who has spent her life making and giving her finished items to a variety of charities.

According to Roberta Warne, when she was a young girl living in England, she and her mother would make knit scarves for Russian soldiers during World War 2.

Today, at 84, she knits dolls for children to ease their shock after a fire or losing someone. She donates her dolls to the first responders in Hoover.

Why does Roberta do this? Because “it brings peace and contentment to my heart”.

Sometimes giving is an even greater gift to the giver than the recipient. 

Why Is Community So Important?

Did you know that volunteering increases self-confidence and gives one a sense of purpose?

I believe knitting or crocheting for charity is a blend of volunteering and donating. The crafter needs to volunteer their time to make the item in order to have it ready to donate.

When I was making the blankets, I stumbled across Simbi and had a brilliant idea for how I could engage other people in my making and donating plans.

First, what is Simbi? “You exchange services with other members or offer to “pay” them for their time using your credits or Simbi Bux. By offering services that bring you joy, the Simbi community gives you the opportunity to share your hobbies, skills, and talents in a whole new way.”  – source

What was my idea, you ask? I set up an offer that for each finished blanket I made, members could pay me a set amount of Simbi Bux and I would then write a card saying that the blanket was made by me but donated in Jane Smith’s honor. I’d also share a photo of the finished blanket and the handwritten card to the Simbi supporter.

Not only did I feel great, but I was also able to include others who didn’t have the same talent as I join me in the charitable gifts. The comments and genuine thanks I got were incredible and it was a win-win-win all around.

If you are now inspired to knit some projects for charity, read How To Craft For Charity for some free patterns and great charities to consider.

I have found that, among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.

Maya Angelou.

This article was originally published on The Ruthless Crafter.



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