What will it take?

What will it take?

To be bluntly honest, there is nothing you could say good about Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada.  The leader is an embarrassment to himself, his party and to his country.

In less than one week two alleged ethics violations, one being SNC-Lavalin and now the defense lawyer of former Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, who is in court for a breach of trust case, has accused the Prime Minister’s Office of trying to direct the case against her client. The Ethics Commissioner launched an official investigation today, as reported by The Globe and Mail. (February 11, 2019).

Devoid of ethics, reeking of self entitlement and elite privilege Justin Trudeau is not acting on the platform chosen on.  Canadians ignored, the country divided, and international embarrassment go hand in hand with this PM.

There is so much wrong with his governing that one cannot keep up to him.  It is akin to living in an abusive relationship, you never know when the punch will come in or how hard. Today will there be another international blooper which hurts relations and trade with allies, or will there be another scandal? Will he tell Canadians they are asking for too much, then fund billions in UN agendas?

We will see another hypocrite action, such as his no tolerance of sexual harassment? Remember he did not even tolerate the men accused of such their time to just jurisprudence. Yet when it became known his groping incidence people remember things differently?  …and he forges on.

The distrust of mainstream media is at its peak under the Trudeau administration with the media buyout, bias from certain outlets and now the “Ministry of Truth”, paradoxically named.

The refugee crisis is out of control and mismanaged with most of the crisis downloaded to the provinces and major cities like Toronto.  When challenged, he labels Canadians as racist.  Funny take on the discussion when most immigrants and those in immigrating are the ones most affected and more concerned about the lack of accountability and foresight in this government’s approach.

Nothing makes sense. Where does he stand on each issue? Impossible to figure it out. Trying to please everyone with hypocrite policy and actions is not working for Canadians.

He supports Pride yet welcomes Islam – even shouts Islamic slogans at Pride events. Where do his values lie? Questionable to say the least.

He touts diversity yet demotes an Indigenous Justice Minister simply because she will not play ball his way. If he truly believed in women and their right to a place on cabinet he would have allowed Ministerial actions without influence, and certainly without reprisal.

A leader who believes in diversity does not dress up, commit cultural appropriation, and embarrass Canada on the world stage in India, one of our most trusted allies. In short, the way he acted in India was racist.

He cries for the Indigenous and First Nations yet has done nothing to help them short of a quick clap on the back. The only high-profile indigenous related news worthy item was the McClintic transfer to a healing lodge which given the present two allegations highly more questionable. Why not pressed to intervene when it mattered to Canadians and the Stafford family, yet they intervene when it suits Liberal partisan interests? Or rather, the personal political ambitions of Justin Trudeau?

He claims to be leader of a party supporting women’s rights, yet does not stand strong against the treacherous Saudi regime.

He campaigned on supporting Veterans, the elderly, and the middle class. Failed on all counts. If there is nothing left to give, why is Canada writing a cheque with money we do not have to international efforts on a fast-tracked basis.

While real Canadians are struggling Trudeau uses the public purse for cottage upgrades, reckless spending, and adulterations he feels entitled to.  The communistic attitude for Canadians to go without yet our taxes fund useless personal expenses is unheard of in Canadian history.

Trudeau forged ahead signing the UN Global Pact despite overwhelming national disagreement to doing so, and he continues in his effort to globalize Canada without a national conversation.

And then there is the blatant and purposeful divisive of this PM from the attack on the ‘culture’ of the construction industry, attack on Western oil and gas, intrusion into provincial policy making and governance, lazy day approach to working and (not) showing up in parliament. Internationally Trudeau is a laughing joke, a potato head and not taken seriously.

His support and ignorance of terrorism and its culture is putting Canada at risk in relations with the United States as our most important ally, and Canadians at risk. Vetting has been lax and Canadians are worried.

Time to go. I call every Liberal MP to stand up for Canadian values and ethical leadership. Cross the floor to another party or run as Independents.  What will it take for the Liberal Party to have a backbone and revolt against this dangerous leader?

Canadians deserve better.


  1. We have now a clearer understanding of the full irony of this government’s so-called Sunny Ways and yes, it’s time for the Liberal caucus including our own MP to climb out from the control of this tainted PMO.


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