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Not too long ago, some members of the Guelph community awoke blocked from contributing their opinions to a certain Guelph news media Facebook page.

It is no secret that such a page had consistently shown themselves to be extremely biased in their far-left political views and preference in local candidates.

To no surprise then, that those censored from their Facebook page had one thing in common: they often spoke out against the bias.

These individuals did not breach Facebook Terms of Service or Community Standards. This was the epitome of the MSM bias that the world is beginning to wake up to; on a local level. Right here in our backyards.

Some have since lay claim that the censored was a result of spamming or promoting of sites. That is simply not true in any regards.

Guelph Local is bringing balance to the citizens of Guelph with local news and community insights. A fresh approach to happenings in our community of Guelph today and tomorrow.



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