Wear the Red Poppy. Thank our Veterans – Value Peace, Freedom & Democracy

It is time to remember, to honor and pay tribute to our veterans and those serving.  The red poppy symbolizes peace, freedom, and democracy.

Remember those we loved,
Who fought for us, and died;
And those we never knew
For whom others mourned and cried..

(Author Unknown)

The world is commemorating the centennial anniversary of the great global war over imperialism, 100 years since the First World War. Very few people in the countries that took part remained unaffected.

The war touched everyone’s life in some way or other. The legacy of the First World War is with thousands of Canadians and immigrants who came to our country for a better life. Millions of people across the world still feel a connection with the Great War. They knew the people whose lives changed because of it. They live with its unresolved political legacies. The First World War created a common sense of history that, decades later, still link people from many distinct nations.


Then, there was the Second World War. Over 730,000 Canadians enlisted in this war, over 400,000 fought overseas on land, in the air and in sea. Many of them lost their lives. Many were family.

With active missions worldwide, and we must not forget those serving in Afghanistan, Bali, and other nations. Close to 40,000 men and women are serving oversees, promoting peacekeeping and making communities safer; Latvia training Ukraine soldiers to defend against Russia or in dangerous combat zones such as Bali, Africa. The United Nations’ peacekeeping troops have lost over 200 lives in Bali the last few years. Canada is just starting a mission in Bali to relieve the Dutch and French.

One in ten or at least nine percent of Afghanistan veterans are suffering from PTSD, now collecting disability benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder, with PTSD often higher for those in combat. PTSD is a mental disorder arising from terrifying events or a series of events.

Veterans of the First and Second World War, and Afghanistan vets have served selflessly to make the world a better place for all. They serve to protect our freedom, champion human rights, promote Canadian values and preserve democracy.

Reflecting on where we are now, it is a time where we have retreated in our treatment of service personnel. The Federal government has let down these vets. The Federal government Liberal’s continuing to disrespect our veterans. Trudeau says he has no money for them. His government opens the purse for groups and individuals who have done nothing for Canada.

Denying wearing a red poppy is dishonoring what they have done, are continuing to do and how much we owe them for the lives we lead.

What better way to make a statement and contribute to the Poppy Fund by wearing a poppy? Money raised goes directly into a trust to help veterans, those serving and their dependents with services they need.

Those who chose not to wear the poppy have that right due to lives lost by our veterans. Think about that next time you bypass a cadet or veteran selling poppies or choose to wear a white one.

It is a statement in direct conflict with every value entitled to due to the sacrifice of our veterans.

Support Our Veterans

The red poppy is tradition and supports our vets. There is no other choice, if you believe in the values of freedom, democracy, and peace.

If we want to understand today, we need to know and remember what happened yesterday. Most importantly, we must honor history.

Makes you think, I hope.


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