Values Matter – The McClintic Motion and Why it Matters to Guelph

Longfield’s negative vote on the Conservative opposition motion to send McClintic back to jail resonated with Guelph. This became a national issue, much to the chagrin of the Liberal Party and its members. They honestly could not see the forest for the trees on this one. Lloyd Longfield had the opportunity to stand by local values and choose not to.

Our own MP not only voted in unison with his Liberal, NDP and Green colleagues voting ‘No’ to the motion that would send McClintic back to jail, he addressed the motion in the House of Commons. Reading his comments is eye opening and shows he did not have compassion nor values to vote in favor or walk out of the House. He did not acknowledge the family or the horrible way Tory died. How our local MP could still vote against it whilst his leader bailed voting, showing no backbone is questionable.

A healing lodge was not proper justice for McClintic, sentenced to 25 years for brutally murdering this young child. Without McClintic’s involvement Tory Stafford be alive and not taken, raped, and murdered in cold blood. McClintic does not deserve restorative justice programs. Why Longfield would infer through his comments to the House on this matter that this was a possibility is not answerable.

Tory’s decomposing body found near Mount Forest in July 2009. Stafford’s body was naked from the waist down, wearing only a Hannah Montana T-shirt and a pair of butterfly earrings that she had borrowed from her mother. The killers would have had to driven throughout Guelph on their way to the murder scene.

This was a local issue, and not brought by ambulance chasers yet a party and members with a conscience, and more concerned about the safety of society, retribution to Tory and her family and simply doing the right thing.

This murderer stopped by Guelph Home Depot to pick up the murder weapons used to murder eight-year-old Tory Stafford. Yes, Home Depot Guelph is the last place that Tory was alive according to court documents. For that reason alone, Longfield should have sat this vote out.

Yet he voted against it and went further. He blatantly accused the opposition of grandstanding and agreed in context with his leader’s ambulance chaser comments and downplayed the motion. He even went as far as to infer that a motion on budgetary matters was more important than justice for Tory.

No, Mr. Longfield. There is nothing more pressing than justice for a life taken too soon, and so brutally. Her father and family was put through more pain due to the actions of the yourself, and the Liberal government.

This was not a rehabilitation issue, left for Corrections Canada to resolve. This was a heart and soul issue. This was an issue about the most vulnerable in our society. How did our MP fair? He made comments in the House that he had personally visited medium security prisons and talked about rehabilitation and that matters were in the hands of Corrections Canada – the very institution who made this transfer. As you can see from the pictures, there is a stark difference between a healing lodge and a prison.

Grand Valley Institution for Women

The controversial move to Ochi Healing lodge in Saskatchewan from Grand Valley granted because she ‘identified’ as an Aboriginal. There are no fences, and only video surveillance. The Liberal’s refusal to return McClintic back to Grand Valley (which is a prison) resulted in the Conservative motion to condemn and reverse the decision. Did this have to come to this?

Ochi Healing Lodge

No. Values and conscience should have come into play. The motion defeated 200-82, with all Liberal MPs voting against it. Including Lloyd Longfield. After incredible public outcry Goodale, Minister of Public Safety reversed the decision.

Goodale had the decency to acknowledge the families in his comment in the House that he shares “the deep angst of the families who have tragically lost children to crime. That is why I asked for a thorough review by the corrections commissioner.” Lloyd referenced the family by commenting that, “the Tories have been relentless in the House of Commons, raising the brutal details of Tori Stafford’s killing daily, and calling on the Liberals to reverse her (McClintic’s) controversial transfer.” Not a sign of compassion.

Due to public outcry, McClintic returned to a federal prison and stricter regulations would result for transferring long-term prisoners to healing lodges. McClintic is now at the Edmonton Institution for Women.

Edmonton Institution for Women

All comments made by a MP are recorded on Hansard. In the Longfield’s Hansard records, comments demonstrated the lack of compassion our MP had for the Stafford family. The responses were void of emotion, and the legalized response to the motion. This was a vote on values, on the safety of our children, and of proper retribution of crimes against vulnerable people.

Was it another partisan vote? Most of Longfield’s votes fall in line with Trudeau’s directions and demands. We do not need a MP who votes party line. We need and deserve a MP who votes with a conscience and with the local community in his mind and heart.

The entire nation was watching. The constituents of Guelph were watching. Tory’s family was watching. Trivializing such a horrible event was unimaginable yet voting against the motion to send McClintic back to prison was not value driven.

Mr. Longfield, you failed miserably.

Notes from Hansard. (Please note: Directly from Hansard, and the writer is not responsible for grammar and context errors.)

Opposition Motion (Transfer of Terri-Lynne McClintic to a healing lodge) Lloyd Longfield, Liberal. Voted NAY.

Comments by Lloyd Longfield, House of Commons,

“The Tories have been relentless in the House of Commons, raising the brutal details of Tori Stafford’s killing daily, and calling on the Liberals to reverse her controversial transfer. The Liberals have denounced the barrage as disgraceful, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling the Conservatives “ambulance-chasing politicians” in a testy exchange Wednesday aimed at Conservative MP Lisa Raitt, a lawyer by trade. But Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives are unapologetic, saying the failure to keep McClintic locked behind bars resonates with Canadians. In addition to peppering the government with questions, the Opposition forced the Liberals to vote on a motion Wednesday calling for the government to condemn McClintic’s transfer and reverse it.

“Madam Speaker, it seems that the opposition is bent on making this as political as possible when in fact Correctional Service Canada has this under consideration. My earlier question about healing lodges was answered in a way that was not accurate. Of the nine healing lodges that we have in Canada, two of them accept medium-security inmates. What we are discussing today is one of those two. Correctional Service Canada worked within the guidelines it was given. Our minister has asked, first, how the decisions were made; and second, whether the process was correct. The minister now has that report, which he will consider and bring back to the House.”

Apart from the grandstanding that going on, I was hoping to discuss the budget today. I have a speech on the budget. The budget is a very important document before our House. Instead of doing that, we are interrupting our discussions on the budget to get into something that is being considered and will be coming back to the House in due time.”

“We are looking at a transfer between two medium-security facilities. Maybe the hon. member could comment on that.” 2018-11-02

“Madam Speaker, I did visit a correctional facility, the Grand Valley Institution for Women. I saw the professionalism of the care that Correctional Services Canada provides as well as the goals around rehabilitation and education within the facility. I saw various levels of security within that institute of high-security, medium-security and lower-security areas. There were complex treatments being done by professionals and now we are being asked to intervene on their behalf, as if a member of Parliament has more skill in determining what the best care is for prisoners.Could the hon. member comment on the role of members of Parliament in providing policy and guidance and the role of our Correctional Services Canada professionals in providing care?” 2018-11-02


  1. WOW!!! This actually came from someone who is supposed to represent me.I can assure you that this is not what I believe in nor was I raised that way. A budget speech would never be as important as the life and death of an 8 year old child murdered by sick and disgusting individuals that our MP seems to support. It seems that with the MP’s attitude as of late, it seems that Sunny days have become Stormy ways.


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