Unicorns, rainbows and glitter. The land of “sunny ways”?

Unicorns, rainbows and glitter, the land of “sunny ways”. These things come to mind when seeing how Longfield has served as our MP under the Trudeau Liberals since 2015. When Canadians are questioning the impartiality of their justice system a Member of Parliament has the responsibility to speak out.

Canadians are questioning his party’s campaign commitments to be fully transparent.  Disheartening to see Guelph residents did not receive an update on this matter from Longfield, even on something as simple as a Facebook update.  Going onto his official social media is like a walk into unicorn, butterballs, and glitter land.  There is no mention of crucial news events that Guelph deserves an answer on his stance or opinion. Nothing.

This scandal about the PMO, Jody Wilson-Raybould and SNC-Lavalin aptly yet sadly gives Guelph a snapshot of what we have come to expect from the MP. Longfield is a party line faithful, who does not vote nor represent with independent thought.  This is not the Chamber of Commerce where brownie points awarded for highlighting anniversaries, new projects, and be the cheerleading section for our city.

The SNC-Lavalin scandal only highlights reasons why Guelph desperately needs a change in Ottawa. Does Longfield think Guelph is situated in the mystical mountains of Ancient China in the land of Shen Shan? Guelph is not an imaginary land filled with mystical creatures and unicorns.

To be frank, it is a waste of a seat in Parliament to back an MP who continues to cower to party line and does not address real issues, real questions – and supply independent answers.  It is tiring to get scripted answers to questions that matter – or no answers at all.

This is not a “witch hunt” nor “fishing expedition” (in the words of Liberal Boissonnault) yet a matter that as MP Longfield should have risen out of that seat where he stands for Guelph and stand up for the truth.

The role of MP demands for open transparency and accountability of government, yet Longfield supports and waves the party flag of a government that has serious ethics allegations. We are a constituency who chose Longfield to serve the best interests of our city and serve the best interests of Canada.  When elected MP, we did not elect a Trudeau cheerleader to keep the seat warm in the backbenches.

The show by Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault at the special meeting of the Justice Committee was an afront to Canadian democratic values. Longfield should not be behind a government who throws a former Attorney General under a bus, that denounces her, and continue his support for the PMO without a full and transparent investigation.

Watching the Justice Committee antics and diatribe yesterday was nothing short of a circus and a strong flavor of corruption and cover up. Canadians deserve better. When a governing party makes it clear that they are not interested in reassuring Canadians with a full investigation the distrust of the PMO’s office increases, and that distrust falls on the shoulders of every MP supporting this government. This falls on Longfield’s shoulders.

Longfield works for the electorate of Guelph and not the Liberal Party of Canada nor the Prime Minister. He has a fiduciary obligation in our democratic system to govern responsibly and vote responsibly to uphold our democracy. The antics of the Liberal Party is threatening democracy, and the Constitution we have held dear for the last 150 years.

Rather than back party line once again, there was hope Longfield would call for a full investigation. There was hope that Longfield would not support the coverup, yet he did. There was hope he would stand for Canada, and our Canadian values. There was hope he would, for once, break party line. Once again, Longfield did not.

Ignoring something does not make it go away; it just gets louder. Guelph constituents have lost confidence in the current government, and now our justice system. This is a crucial matter. Ignoring this hoping it dissipates before the next town hall or photo op event is reckless and spineless.

Call out to Longfield to break party line and demand a full investigation that includes Wilson-Raybould and senior PMO staffers’ testimony. Is Longfield going to wait until (hopefully) a RCMP investigation before he stands up to Trudeau and team?

Disappointing if he continues to defer to silence and his strict obedience to the Trudeau mandate. What the Liberal Party is not considering is that Canada is still a democracy. The Liberal Party of Canada, Trudeau and those MPs blindly supporting that party’s narrative will receive a strong message in October 2019 what we really feel about this current government.

Author’s Note:

Guelph should be asking the question I put to Mr. Longfield when this scandal broke, yet did not receive an answer:

“I would also like your thoughts on whether you have considered running as an independent or crossing the floor considering the (alleged) ethics of the PMO. Do you continue to support Justin Trudeau as leader of the Liberal Party, and in the office of Prime Minister?”

Crickets, like always.


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