The Path to Self Love ~ Sabrina Martelli

Can you honestly say that you love yourself? Are you having a hard time being happy with yourself? At Healing Path Counselling Services, individuals often seek counselling for issues involving low self-esteem or decreased self-worth.  It is so easy to focus on your faults and dwell on your insecurities instead of the things about yourself that you are happy with. Doing this can cause you to dislike yourself. You may also be too busy focusing on others around you and not focusing on loving yourself.

Being in love with yourself provides you with self-confidence, self-worth and it will generally help you feel more positive.  If you can learn to love yourself, you will be much happier and will learn how to best take care of yourself.

One of the ways you can learn to become more confident is by reflecting on your past mistakes to help you to forgive and forget.  If you can look back at some poor choices you may have made, and forgive yourself, you can start to move on and learn from your past. Loving yourself despite any mistakes you may have made in the past is great for your self-worth.

You can also learn how to love yourself by establishing boundaries and saying no to others.  Sometimes we do too much for people, we like to please other people, so we tend to stretch ourselves too thin and commit to everything we can. Oftentimes we can forget to look after ourselves, so this is why it is good to establish boundaries – which means potentially saying no. 

Another strategy we learn in counselling is to make a list of your accomplishments.  Creating a list of what you have achieved is a great way to practice self-love.  This makes you feel good about yourself and find happiness from what you have accomplished. We can sometimes focus on the negatives and forget about the positives, so this is a great way to remind yourself of what you have achieved.  If you have a hard time thinking of accomplishments – enlist a loved one, friend, coworker or someone you trust.

The above are just a few ways to learn how to practice self-love with the goal of increasing one’s self-esteem.  If this is something that you struggle with and feel that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy May help – please reach out to Healing Path Counselling Services.

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