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Arthur Douglas is the writer and author of the new novel The Motel: Lessons in Regret. In high-school, Arthur never had the time to sit and read. His time was spent enjoying his life, whether it was playing sports, camping, fishing, sailing, or climbing mountains; all the activities that young people should be doing while they can. When his Grade 11 teacher challenged him about reading, Arthur quipped; “I’m too busy having adventures, someday people will read about me.”

Arthur spent over 8 years managing motels and witnessing firsthand some of the most bazaar, humorous and tragic events one might imagine. The Motel: Lessons in Regret, draws on those experiences. Most of the story is based on true events with lots of dramatic licenses. The characters are composites of many of the people that Arthur met during his journey.

He is the husband of a freelance journalist and a father, stepfather, and grandfather to twelve girls and two boys.

Arthur Douglas and his wife share their home in Wellington County, Ontario, Canada with two extraordinary cats Lucie and Rikki, who are smarter than the owners. Arthur does his best writing in his man cave, and don’t ever try to organize it.

Guelphlocal interviewed local author Arthur Douglas about his work The Motel: Lessons in Regret.

Q and A

The Motel: Lessons in Regret is quite an interesting novel to read. I am sitting here with author Arthur Douglas to talk about his latest release.

Q – Arthur, it seems like a romance then it dwarfs into a self-discovery novel. Which is it?

A – It is based on personal experiences and events that happen in life. Life lessons people can relate to. In life, some people continue to make the same mistakes. Some learn from their mistakes and move forward, some don’t.

Q – Is it a ghosted autobiography?

A – Parts of my life, and parts of other people’s lives. The novel is a look into a part of everybody’s lives I have met over the years.

Q – So, the characters you developed are no specific person or their life experiences? No one would recognize themselves in it?

A – No, unless they look hard for that. Characters and their experiences are a compilation of different people put together into a character.

Q – What made you want to write this? Is this something you have always wanted to do, to publish a novel?

A – This is something I have always had as a goal. My grade eleven English teacher would ask me why I didn’t like English. To be fair, I was too busy to read at that age being involved with several sports teams. I told him that someday people will read about my life. I guess I foretold the future. It is a natural gift of mine that I embraced over the years.

Q – Are you working on a series or another novel currently? Can you give us a glimpse of what your readers can expect?

A – Yes. I am currently writing the second of this Motel series, and whether it becomes a trilogy is up to the characters and how they develop.

Q – What makes your book unique?

A – I feel people will relate to things that happen and the characters. The novel chronicles eight years of managing motels and the events that happened. People will be intrigued and shocked to see what actually goes on at the local motel. Motels seem to be a focal point for people who are having trouble in life and turn to motels for rebooting and temporary shelter. Or, they cannot afford to house so they are there to survive.

Q – Does The Motel touch on current societal issues?

A – Due to the nature of the motel environment, the novel touches on homelessness, housing issues, mental health, addictions and sex trafficking yet in the context of people trying to survive. It breaks through the stigmas and shows the human side.

Q – In self-development?

A – Yes, in self-development and discovery in the context of people trying to survive and move forward. The series of events demonstrate the human element in every problem our society has and needs to correct. The problem with running a motel is you only get a snapshot of someone’s life. You really don’t know what brought them there and where they go after they leave.

These events happen, like the SWAT team showing up or social services shows up or ambulance or fire department. The local motel is akin to society wrapped up in a strip of 20 rooms.

Q – As a writer, how is this going to help someone?

A – People will relate to things that have happened in their own lives, and perhaps see another avenue to take to resolve their inner struggles. The Motel is an easy read, yet the tension experienced by the characters invokes questions for the reader.

Q – For example?

A – Angie, one of the struggles of the main character as a single mom. The Motel takes the reader through her struggles, and how she deals with them to move forward from an abusive relationship while protecting her sanity, and her children.

Q – Did you enjoy working in motel management?

A – Eight years ago I had my own situation and took the position to get out of a bad situation. With the financial crisis and few decent jobs, I decided to tough it out. Shortly after taking the position I started to see how this would be a good thing, helping people out and also giving me time to fix my own inner turmoil.

Q – Where can readers purchase The Motel?

A – The novel is available on Amazon in e-book and paperback versions.

Link to the novel in paperback –  The Motel: Lessons in Regret 

Link to the novel in e-book – The Motel: Lessons in Regret

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