The Beauty Of Life

~ As a child,
you were born from the very
nature that is on this planet.

Born from the energy of the
universe itself, that flows
through you and everything.
You are by nature, one with all
that exists.

As a child,
there was no gap or hole in you
that needed filling.
A child is blissful and feels happy
with its natural sense of connection
to everything.

Your origin Is from life, nature,
It’s all naturally part of you,
there is no division.
As a child that is how you perceived it,
everything is united as “one.”

Through our upbringing
and conditioning from society,
we are manipulated Into thinking
that somehow we are separate
from this nature and universe.
That there is me, and everything
else is now not connected to me,
that it is all part of something else.

We end up thinking,
I am different from where I’ve come from.
I am different from what I’m born from.
I am a different entity from what has
actually given me life.

Its really like separating yourself from
yourself, when you separate yourself
from the very thing that you came from.

This begins to create in you,
a mentality of division and separation,
which leads to conflict.

Your natural flow with life has now
become interrupted.
Society has created a gap, a hole,
a sense of incompleteness,
that now needs to be filled.

Now that you do not feel one with
nature, society further conditions and
brainwashes you into thinking that
living in competition, is what’s best
for you and this world.

That we are now supposed to
constantly focus on and chase all
these material things, all these
products, and be constantly running
after immediate gratification
and pleasure.
That these things are “the things”
that we truly need, and that they will
truly fill what Is missing within us,
eventually completing us.

From this indoctrinated separation,
we are made to believe that we will
feel complete with life once again
and become whole again by chasing
and acquiring.

But we soon see that this is not the
case at all.
Somehow, something does not feel
It’s not going so well.
We are simply not being fulfilled in
the way that we wish to be.
Why am I still unhappy?

We need to open our minds
and open our eyes and fully see
that we have been fragmented
from ourselves, from our oneness,
from the oneness we were naturally
born with.

It’s this separated connection from
ourselves and the spirit and energy of
all creation, that is at the core of our
inner conflict, suffering, and lack of

It is time to focus on what and who
you really are.
What you were truly born as.
It’s time to seek and see what is true
and follow the path that will join you,
to you.

Bring back that inner unity
with yourself and the rest of who
you are, which is the entirety of life.

It’s time to heal,
and become truly fulfilled within,
by becoming “one” again ~

~ Meno ~


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