The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ One of the things that keeps us
from happiness,
is when we are always looking back
at the past.

Why keep taking yourself there?
It is gone, no more, no longer exists.
Happiness requires that you focus on
what is now, today.

The present is where everything is
happening and requires your full
or you will end up losing that too.

When our minds become so used to a
habit, a habit that is not helping us,
like living in the past,
we need to begin to practice a new
habit, in order to override it.

Time to start focusing on today.
Today, what you do right now,
is what truly matters.
Today will determine your future.

If things are not the way you like them
to be, then you must change
your choices and make changes
within you.
New choices and habits must be
made and started, in the present.

Let each of our days be filled with
the “new” and blossom our lives with
new life.
Each day we must participate in our
own rescue,
and grow into love, light, beauty,
happiness, compassion, joy,
and so much more.

All these things are always present
and always available for you,
in the now ~

~ Meno ~



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