The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Life wants you and needs you,
remember this, and never lose hope.

You have come forth
as a high level being of this life.
Life itself made you possible,
and fought for you,
ensured your survival and existence
into this world,
and here you are.
It never gave up on you,
neither should you ever give up
on yourself.

Your focus will determine the results
within your life.
If you start believing in your dreams,
they may come true, it is very possible,
but, it’s when you believe in yourself
that they most surely will.

Conquer your heart and mind,
manage these very well, and your
life will flourish.

The stories that you tell yourself
each day, may be getting in the way
of your success.
Change them for the better
and you will change your world
completely for the better,
that’s how this reality works.

Become greater and better,
rise above whatever you are suffering today,
and your maximum happiness
will be ensured ~

~ Meno ~


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