The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Create the things you wish existed.

Anything worth having or worth
creating, never comes as a result
of being impatient, or laying down
and convincing yourself that you
are a victim of life and you can’t win,
thereby accepting your current
limited condition.

It comes by taking consistent action,
effort, analysis, adaptation
and infinite patience as well as a
strong belief in you, so you don’t
give up on yourself so easily,
as you work through each step.

It’s not about looking for what’s
missing in your life, it’s about
becoming what’s missing in your life.

When you become what’s missing,
you naturally attract the things
you want.

It’s never too late or impossible
to become new or enjoy a newer
and happier life.

You win by persistence,
by continuing your efforts,
despite that you may go through
some kind of failure, over and over

Successful people are successful
because they have a high tolerance
for failure.
They don’t take it personally,
they don’t get depressed about it,
they just keep on going forward.

Have courage,
no matter what your past has been,
you have a spotless, fresh future that
is always available to you.
The greater the obstacle you can
overcome, the greater the person
you will become ~

~ Meno ~



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