The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ You need to keep creating
something new.

To create, is to live and feel alive.

Life is all about creation
and you were made entirely
from that kind of energy.

Create a newer version of yourself,
one that builds, grows, loves,
and forgives at much higher levels
than you’ve ever reached before.

Life is not about doing the least
amount of possible effort.
You will not experience abundance
by doing little or nothing.

If you are not feeling motivated,
the question is,
what do you love,
and how can you do a lot of that?

You are not here to fade away,
you are a song of this universe.
Play your beautiful melody into existence,
for the world, for you and for us
to hear, feel, and see.

Give yourself and your heart to life,
and life will fill you deeply,
with an euphoric spirit,
beyond any words
that you have ever heard ~

~ Meno ~


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