The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ None of us can go back
and make a brand new start,
but any of us can start from today,
and create a brand new ending.

Where your journey will end
will be determined by how you
set your sails each time a
storm blows your way.

It’s not what comes at you,
but how you react to what comes
at you, that makes all the difference.

Feeling defeated is often just an
illusion of the mind,
many situations are usually just
temporary conditions.
Giving up, is always what will make it

Many of our scars remind us
of where we have been,
but they don’t have to dictate
where we are going.

Right now, today,
It no longer matters what your
past was all about,
all that matters right now,
is which direction you will take.

Even when things may appear lost,
hopeless or bleak,
remember, it is when things seem
to be at their darkest,
that they are most ready
to be filled by light ~

~ Meno ~



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