The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

Man with conceptual spiritual body art

~ Each person we meet
along this journey of life,
touches us with their spirit,
which becomes part of us
and contributes something important
to our journey.

Recognize the lessons
within each encounter and what it can
teach you about your humanity.
Be grateful for everyone,
who has come.

It is because of them and your interactions,
that knowledge was gained,
helping you in many ways
to grow and to develop, within your life.

Small, yet beautiful and powerful miracles,
can happen each day,
just by making small changes
within your heart.

Make this life a beautiful miracle,
by respecting the choices, uniqueness,
and freedoms of others.
By letting others follow their path
and to explore and express the song
that plays deep within their heart.

Make this life a beautiful miracle,
by looking upon everyone and saying,
“Thank-you for everything that
you have brought to me,
the good and the bad,
for all of it has worked together
to mould and shape me into
a deeper awareness and beauty,
and has put me on my path
towards my highest self” ~

~ Meno ~



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