The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

 ~ Living this life, at various
times, can feel very burdensome,
and can test our will and patience.

What you may not know, is that
you always have the ability to
pass through these testing times,
and even be able to come out ahead.

It is what’s in your mind, your attitude,
that will govern what your results
will be.

Your thoughts govern your feelings,
and your feelings govern your actions.

When you live with an attitude where
you love to live and live to love,
everything is suddenly possible.

What you may not fully understand,
is that your capacity to experience the
fullness of life and all it’s joys,
is directly proportionate to your
capacity and ability to generate and
feel real love.

Each day, we need to spend time,
exercising and cultivating ways to
increase our love abilities.

It is by mastering love, that everything
can be mastered into goodness ~

~ Meno ~


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