The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ When you love,
part of pure love is loving In such a way,
that the person you love
feels free.

They should be free to be who they are.
Free to come and go.
Free from fear of saying or expressing
whatever they need to, without you
reacting with heavy judgments.

Real love is not love that says …
” I will love you, only if you do the following …..”
” I will love you, only if you act in
this particular way … “
The purest love will always be
an unconditional one.

When others do wrong to you,
you are not agreeing with or condoning
what they have done,
you are using compassion to understand,
what made them do such things,
and try to assist them in their shortcomings,
with authentic concern and in a loving manner.

Some don’t like this because it is difficult.
Yes it is difficult, but it is necessary.
Just like physical exercise is necessary,
so is spiritual exercise required,
in order to bring about healing and wellness.

We must see with clarity,
that in order to evolve as human beings,
we must develop the highest form of love possible
within this world ~

~ Meno ~


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