The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Do not be afraid,
when you feel troubled,
and things feel hopeless
and dark.

For it is when things
are at their darkest,
that they are most ready
to be filled by light.

Have faith and hope,
because the sun always comes.
You know it will.

The bad weather in your life,
is just weather,
which will change,
and leave you warm
and sun filled again.

Have courage.
Try to stay comfortable,
and keep loving yourself.

Keep yourself safe,
and well looked after,
during any painful transition
or storm as it passes,
which it always does.

Learn the lessons
from the tough moments,
and you will emerge, free, alive,
strong and more able and capable
to enjoy life in much fuller
and meaningful ways ☀️ ~

~ Meno ~



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