The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ I know you are saying
that it’s hard.
Hard to move on, from hurt.
I know.

When life greets you each day,
It is not looking to hurt you.

You’ve got to look deeply at yourself,
your life, your circumstances,
and begin to love yourself enough
to be able to take steps to save
yourself from your own inner pain
and conflict.

Open your eyes and heart,
to the real light of this life.
Life seeks to heal you,
and life wants to promote more life,
your life.

Today, become the saviour of yourself.
Believe that anything can change
and lead yourself into more and more
of a blissful existence,
as it should be.

You have been given a beautiful gift,

Enjoy spending this gift
as any good gift should be spent,
with much gratitude and joy ~

~ Meno ~


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