The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

 ~ You say that you are unhappy,
sad, disappointed and depressed,
because you have failed at something.

In truth I say to you, that you are experiencing
an illusion, and that what you are feeling,
comes from a deception of the mind.

It’s through so called “failure”
that we are truly able to see more clearly
how life works.

It’s through this failure that we
can learn more about ourselves
and our strengths and weaknesses.

It’s through failure,
that much is revealed to us,
for our own benefit,
that will help us improve ourselves,
and everything within our life.

There is no real “failure,”
it’s just a continuous revelation
of life lessons that is intended
to direct you in the right direction.

It’s when you ignore the lessons
and do nothing
that you put yourself at risk
for continuous suffering,
rather then having
what you should have,
a continuous state of growth,
peacefulness and pleasantness ~

~ Meno ~



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