The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ If you want to flourish in life,
you must first learn how to love yourself.

You must love yourself enough to realize,
and to admit,
that the world that you are experiencing,
is a creation of your own thoughts,
the result of your thinking.

This is why everyone sees the world
slightly differently.
Because we were all “influenced” or
“trained” to see it differently,
depending on our parents, our culture
or society, or by our own conclusions,
some good, some not so good.

None of us can ever change our world,
without first changing our thinking.

The good news, is that we as adults,
have the opportunity and the capability
to train and re-train ourselves
to become our highest possibility
and to change the way our personal
world interacts with us,
from whatever form of unpleasantness
to the highest form of pleasantness
and possibility.

It’s always in our hands to do so,
just motivation is required.

Begin to live a life with intention.
Begin to do away with and dismiss fears,
learn now to walk towards the edge.

Learn to listen hard to what others
have to say, you will learn much,
and begin to practice true wellness.

Make time to enjoy this amazing creation.
Laugh and play with abandon.

Continue to live,
by continuing to make newer and better
even if you don’t know exactly “how,”
choose anyways, without regret,
and simply learn along the way.

Appreciate all you have,
and be thankful, for the people
who raise you higher.

Do what you love.
This gift of life, can only be a gift,
when the gift is loved by you.

Live and love in such a way,
that everyone around you feels better,
whenever they are together with you ~

~ Meno ~



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