The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Hey, beautiful you,
no need to feel sadness anymore.
Everything is going to be alright,
my hands are here to hold you.

Rest your weary head,
for I am here for you, in all ways.
I’m going to be here and go
through it all with you,
together, we can do it.

No matter how hard it feels
I will lift you higher,
until you kiss the sunset sky.

Look closer and really see me.
See my eyes, how they cherish you,
feel my heart beat with your hand.
Your life, is the most valuable
treasure that is in my heart.

All that is possible,
we can make possible.
You just need to believe,
in both of us.

You will grow you and I will grow me,
together we will grow new life,
new love,
in a radiant dance
of sweet surrender.

Our new creation
will flourish from the seeds of
our love,
to become like a tree
of great beauty and joy,
where we may be nourished,
in all ways by its
healing and blissful fruit ~

~ Meno ~



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