The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ When something that seems impossible
becomes possible,
we say it’s a miracle.

It’s now time for you,
to become that miracle.

Believe, that the greatest version
of yourself is possible, and life will open
the necessary doors needed,
to manifest your beauty into this world.

Nothing can happen for you,
if you are just standing still.
You must do your part, by getting up,
moving forward and walking through
those doors.

The miracle starts, when you stand
up and begin to grow and be alive.
When you decide to live for what
the future has to offer.

The miracle starts, when you learn
not to stress about tomorrow,
instead, have faith in it.
It starts when you learn the benefits
of self discipline and begin to use it daily.

The miracle starts, when you replace
judgments with better and more
It starts when you learn to curb your fear
and take chances.

It is through the day by day developing
of your S-O-U-L
( Source Of Universal Love ),
that your miracle will be realized.

You are beautiful, necessary, and
important to this garden planet,
or you would not be here.
Step up and become the fullness
of who you really are ~

~ Meno ~



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