The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ When you think of yourself
as being a “good person,”
it should never be at the expense of
others, looking down upon them,
as if they can’t be as good,
or are not as good, as you are.

True goodness comes from inclusion,
not exclusion.
For we are all one human family
and it’s time we put effort into
treating each other with upmost

There should never be more respect
for me and less for you and so on.
All need to be equally respected,
with no special respect given to
anyone or any group.
We are all important and we all matter.

If our source of happiness comes
from rejoicing that we are better
or have more or something others do
not have, then this is more like a kind
of sickness.

One of the most spiritual things you
can do is embrace your humanity.

Connect with those around you today.
Say ” I love you,” I’m sorry, “
” I appreciate you, “
” I’m proud of you, ” whatever good
that you may be feeling
from your heart.

Send random caring texts,
write a cute note for someone who
needs it,
embrace your truth and share it.

Begin a smile within those you meet
today and give hugs or
encouragement wherever you can.

A heart that supports, enriches,
builds, lifts others, brings light,
brings love,
is this not the answer? ~

~ Meno ~



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