The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ We wake up each morning,
wanting everything to be okay
within our lives.

Life is a mixture of things.
Some of them we will be able to control,
while others we simply can not.

How is it possible then,
to have a life where everything is good
and we are at peace?

The answer is, that everything will be ok,
as soon as you are ok with everything.

It is the way you decide to interact
with all of life,
what you see as the good, the bad
or the ugly,
that determines how much happiness
you will have or enjoy.

This will be your most meaningful
how you choose to relate to all aspects
of life, including yourself.

When you ask your mind to manipulate
the world, in order to fix your personal
inner problems, you are asking for something
that can never be fulfilled.

Your fulfillment, can only come
from you working
on your inner personal growth,
not from what is outside of you.

We talk a lot about unconditional love,
which is the highest form of love,
but we should also realize that we have
the capability to grow more unconditional
happiness as well.

Today, live with a heart filled with gratitude
for the gift of each day.
Live in such a way that any day could
be your last day.

Enjoy and give all you can
to each wondrous moment ~

~ Meno ~



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