The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ There was a time,
when you were my joy.

So many times,
and so many moments,
my heart kept finding you,
again and again,
at different times of the day,
and in different places.

You were gone,
but I kept seeking and holding on closely
to all the beautiful thoughts of you,

But then my spirit grew very tired,
tired of the continuous recalling
of the heart-filled memories
of our blissful affections.

It drained me into pools of sadness,
over and over,
I was drained by the silence
of not hearing the sweetness
of your voice.

That never ending thirst
for a taste of your soul,
the touch of your eyes,
the beautiful kind words that no
longer could be heard.

As I searched to fill emptiness,
there came this certain day,
when it felt as if the seeds of the answer,
was heading my way.
I found within me, my empty cup,
dry, stale and drained in every way.

I reached for it, held it in my heart,
and asked the universe for forgiveness
for not looking after the most important
obligation of all,
to love me.

To love me, to nurture me, to grow me,
to always be filling my cup
and to keep it full,
full of universal love for everything,
and for every single precious day.

Now, there are new words to be heard.
Words that flow from the fullness
of my own heart,
and continuously fill all my empty spaces.

Silence now fades away,
with new sounds and messages
of love, hope,
and a sense of where we all belong.

Now, what can be heard,
within each word,
is that what I was seeking,
was to be found within me,
all along ~

~ Meno ~



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