The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Why keep holding yourself back
from what you know deep inside,
you must do, to increase your happiness?

Reach out, open your hand,
join your energy with all life,
touch the sky with your heart.

Don’t worry about how to begin
or how it ends,
just live every moment
to its fullest joy.

The value of life is beyond
Every second, is a priceless jewel
that is spent,
to bring you the now.

Such a gift of immense significance,
yet, often used with so little thought
or effort given, towards gratitude.

You are here to experience,
to be, and blossom into the fullness
of what you are.
This is where your happiness
waits for you.

Embrace natures path of
creative energy, beauty, love,
and balance,
and your cup will always be filled ~

~ Meno ~



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