The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ One of the realities of living,
is that it is simply not possible to live
a life where everyone is going to be
happy with you, or even like you.

You could be the greatest person
that ever walked this earth,
and still, you will have haters.

Just think of the many amazing,
kind and loving beautiful souls,
whom have walked among us.

Despite the greatness and goodness
they possessed, they still had to
deal with people who wished to treat
them poorly, find fault,
or even do them harm.

Therefore, do not worry
or even bother giving energy
over to the haters.
Their path is very different from yours,
and their energy is useless in building
and promoting life.

Just live your truth,
continue along your beautiful path,
filling yourself with abundant joy
and love.

Stay focused and stay true
to the goodness that is in you,
and seek every day,
to expand the beauty
within your soul ~

~ Meno ~



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