The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ You can’t become
who you need to be,
by remaining who you are.

It is not wise to believe,
that by doing the same things over
and over, that one day, magically,
you are going to get different results
and that they will continue to be
different every day.
This is not reality or realistic thinking.

You must be willing to change,
for the changes you wish to see.

Today, take a deeper look at yourself
and see how, in your life, you are
sabotaging your own ability to
change and progress towards your
higher self.

Only by continually progressing,
will life open up and offer more of
itself to you.

Stop hoping and waiting for
something to change for the better.
Realize that it is really you, that has
the power to truly make things
happen in a big way, within your life.

The fullness of your happiness,
will come to you as a gift of beauty,
by your own hands ~

~ Meno ~



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