The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ People are trying to be more
spiritual in their lives, by searching
and trying new and different things.

Growing spiritually, can also be done
in basic ways that do not require
anything complex, nor do you have to
search too far.

One of the most spiritual things
you can ever do, is just to embrace
your humanity.

Connect more with those around
you, throughout the day.
Say “I love you,”
“I’m sorry,”
“I appreciate you,”
“I’m proud of you.”
Express whatever good feelings
you have.

Send random texts, write a cute note,
embrace your truth and share it
with joy.

Help someone to smile today.
Shake hands or give hugs whenever
it is possible.
Simply shine whatever light you have
that will benefit and uplift others ~

~ Meno ~



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