The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

sun on hand gesture

~ Things have happened to you,
or will happen to you in this life,
that will be totally unfair.

Despite whatever good we try to do,
at times, we end up getting hit
with something we didn’t deserve.

In this life,
it is not wise to expect people
or circumstances,
to be always favourable to you,
just because you have good intentions,
You would be fooling yourself.

The simple answer,
is to always choose to handle things
in such a way,
that brings out the best possible result,
for you and those around you,
no matter how badly you think things are.

Always seek to find opportunities in
every difficulty that comes your way.

Turn inward each day and with intention,
keep yourself healthy and happy
despite what is outside of you
and happening beyond you.

When you are wronged,
it means nothing,
unless you give it meaning,
unless you continue to dwell on it,
and by doing so, give power to it,
eventually allowing it to bring you down.

Yes, you must learn to live,
manage and maintain a pleasantness
within yourself,
an inner garden,
of bliss and abundance.

Unfairness, injustice, hurt, rudeness,
mistreatment, prejudice, being misjudged,
all of this can and will happen.

All these hurts,
present, past and future,
you must let go of,
and when you have learned to do so,
then and only then,
can a beautiful journey of life begin,
as you partnership with love
and bring the light of life
into you and into your world,
day after day ~

~ Meno ~



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