The Beauty of Life – Meno Lopes

~ It is not death you should be
so worried about, the most tragic loss
will be what you will let die within you,
while you are still alive.

Wake up and truly live.
Don’t keep waiting until it becomes
too late to make the most out of it.

Some will say,
“just wait, and time will change things,”
but the truth is, you actually have to
get up right now, today,
and change the things you need to
change, yourself, by your own hands.

Then they will say,
“good things come to those who wait.”
Even though that could happen,
it can equally not happen,
so why hope and wait on the
possibility that something may or may
not ever happen, because you took
no action.

I say better things will definitely
come to those who take action
for themselves,
by growing themselves, every day.

This inner growth of yourself
is what will bring and attract
much more joy and beauty
into your life.
So much more, that you will
be shocked, because it is
beyond what you thought
could even be possible.

Say yes to life, by taking action
to meet and greet all of life, each day.
Life has already said yes to you
and is always seeking
and waiting to join deeper
with the beauty that is within you ~

~ Meno ~


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