The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Living life, it can both caress you
and cut you, even at the same time,
regardless of who you are.
There is no discrimination.

Embrace all that comes,
for even scar tissue is stronger than
regular tissue,
realize its strength and embrace all
that it can do for you.

Remove any doubt of your ability
to handle whatever touches you.
When doubt is banished,
abundance flourishes,
and anything is possible.

Realize that sometimes
when we are cut or hurt,
it isn’t necessarily life that’s doing
the cutting,
it can be you, that is unintentionally
cutting yourself.

Examine what comes out of you
each time, when you are squeezed
by circumstances or by others behaviours.
Will it be anger, bitterness, anxiety,
or perhaps depression?
Or will it be calm, understanding,
compassion, love?

If love and joy are what you seek to
receive, you have to provide a path
for it to get to you, that pathway is
opened when you begin to give.

You will change your life completely,
by focusing on and changing what’s
inside of you, by improving how you
feel about and see, people and things.

Begin your inner evolution
by being grateful, upon waking up
each day.
Remain thankful, and live with wings
in your heart.
Be ready for another day,
another opportunity to bring into
existence, your unique version of
love and beauty.
That is the reason, why you are here ~

~ Meno ~


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