The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ You were created to be loved,
that love, starts with you.

Today, decide to move away from
all habits that do not nourish you,
but only bring you more inner conflict,
negative consequences and
destructive outcomes.
Stop your own abuse.

Cultivate enough strength to fill
yourself and your world with the kind
of love that promotes the fullness
of life, joyful growth, and happiness.

Grow more love in your heart,
a life without it, is like a sunless
garden, where nothing can truly live
and blossom.

Make time for important things.
Feel life more, with a deeper heart.
Take action and make a plan
towards a life that always promotes
more well-being.

Find the path, that will lead you
into a blissful oneness with yourself.
For it is really you,
who is truly “the one” that you are
searching for, within your life.

Create your opportunities,
life waits on your direction.
Become, who you are meant to be,
the unique highest version of yourself.

Transform everything like mistakes,
misfortunes, or any future failures,
into more growth, knowledge, light
and beauty.
All can be used to help increase
what is good.

Let us always be loyal to hope,
let us not catch ourselves backing down
from life, from what means the most to us.

Much happens around us that
is useful and we miss it, we fail to see it.
It is important to start opening our
eyes and our minds towards being
more mindful and conscious of how
we are living, and how our choices
impact others around us.

As you grow, a richer and purer love
will come calling,
don’t look away, say yes to all it’s
abundance and joy.
Stop all the running, and walk into
the arms of life.

Join with this garden planet,
which you are made from,
and feel the energy
of its full embrace ~

~ Meno ~



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