The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Wherever you find yourself today,
keep believing in yourself,
in the beauty within this life,
in your ability to prevail,
and everything will be ok.

Unburden yourself from regret,
over whatever has happened
in your life, regardless of who’s
fault it was.

It can not be changed, undone
or forgotten, but it can be used
within your life to create more light
for yourself and for others.

Take everything as a lesson,
as it should be, then let it go,
and move on.

Life is…..
Lessons In Forgiving Everyone.

We can not move forward and take
the next step up to our highest self,
unless we forgive the situation,
forgive people, and forgive ourselves.

Each one of us is so much stronger
than we think we are and capable
of so much more than we give
ourselves credit for.

Today, travel to your deeper self,
heal and love what is there,
embrace yourself and fly higher,
on a beautiful journey
to the highest version of who you are ~

~ Meno ~


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