The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ In life, it’s not the material things
that really define you,
what will have the most impact on you,
is really your relationships.

What will define you, is your relationship
towards others, towards yourself,
and towards the rest of life around you.

Therefore, it is vital that you understand
and learn about all these relationships
and seek to manage them well.

Life will give you more
of what you decide to focus on,
so, your approach to all of these
will be crucial.

To receive love and respect
from others, we always have to start
from within, first, by cultivating a healthy
love and respect of ourselves.

Relationships, are at the core
of how life flows around you.
Strive then, to be the best version
of yourself, so that you are able
to bring out the best in your

To have beautiful relationships,
we need to focus on touching
and communicating with people
where it matters the most,
from our heart to theirs.

Never communicate with people
by hurting them with words and
talking down or abusively to them,
always respect and you will be
genuinely respected.

Entering into relationships will also
help us to see, what parts of
ourselves we can improve upon,
so that more joy can be achieved
for all.

Everything is ultimately a type of
relationship, and It is the quality of
these relationships that will determine
the quality of your personal life
as well as the future hope for
a quality of life on this planet ~

~ Meno ~


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