The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ When faced with loss,
ask yourself,
what is the most important
relationship in your life?

You will soon see how it is your
relationship with yourself,
that influences your whole life.

If you work on that one daily,
keeping it healthy, and with good
energy no matter what,
all will be well each day.

Let our hopes, not hurts,
shape our future.
Let us answer with love,
for love means yes,
and yes is life.

Life is love, time to enjoy it.
Choose a path of life and light.

You will find two paths,
one, of living in an ordinary, average,
comfortable, safe, low-risk way.
The other, living in an extraordinary,
amazing, action taking, stimulating way,
with higher consciousness and beauty.

We are so lucky we have been given
this opportunity to be alive in this
human form with a fullness of awareness.
What a tragedy,
when we do so little with it.

Life is your dream, time to manifest it ~

~ Meno ~


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