The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Your thoughts can not always
be trusted in telling you the
truth about things.

The mind is capable of creating so
many false stories about ourselves
and others, that without realizing it
we do more harm than good.

That is why it is very important not
to judge others or judge ourselves
too quickly or too harshly.

We need to be aware of this,
so that our choices will be
better ones, promoting life and love,
rather than ending up swimming in
a pool of negativity.

Sometimes thoughts will appear
and say to you that you are not
good enough, that nobody will
ever love you, that you can’t do
this or that thing, that you will just fail
so why bother?

Thoughts will say
that you are a bad person,
or that you will never be as good
as others,
or as good as you once were,
and on and on,
into endless negativity.

Don’t listen or pay attention to these
tricks of the mind and the negative
chatter that appears from time to time.
Instead put your intention towards
moving forward today and
fulfilling your dreams in life.

Start by concentrating on the present,
the now, where all the power and
energy takes place and always exists.
Take action in the now.
Decide on a life that is meant for you,
and move towards that.
Become who you came here to be.

Sometimes we may spend our whole
life trying to fit in, and then we
realize that what we are fitting into,
isn’t really who we are.

Go and be who you really are.
Approval is only required by you,
and nobody else.
This is your life, which belongs
to you, and to nobody else ~

~ Meno ~



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