The Beauty of Life – Meno Lopes

~ Today, try to see how important
you are to this wondrous creation.

Despite what others have done
to you, despite what they have said
to your face to hurt you,
or behind your back to damage you,
you are much more than what you
or they, can even begin to realize.

The grand symphony of life,
plays its creative and beautiful song,
and you are one of the beautiful
notes that has been called forth
into being.

You have been selected.

Without you, the song can never be
as beautiful as it is.

Life has brought you here,
so you can be part of and enjoy
the beauty of the universal song.
The song of divine love.

Have faith in yourself,
and the beauty within the song
and within you,
so that whatever you are facing
in your life,
will be shifted along with you,
into a beautiful, inspiring,
jaw-dropping consciousness,
that will change you, your love,
your happiness and your life,
totally and forever ~

~ Meno ~


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