The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Today, begin to own your life story.

Yes, it may be hard at first to assume
responsibility for everything, as well
as your happiness in life,
but your life will be much, much
harder, if you spend all your time
running from things.

Today, begin to open yourself up,
and remain present with an open
heart to love.
Yes, you will be vulnerable,
and It may be risky,
but not nearly as dangerous as
what will happen to you
when you give up on love,
and when you no longer belong
to joy.

Today, promise yourself,
that you will stop letting yourself down.
Start doing the things you want and
need to do with your life.
Yes, it may be hard to keep your
own promises to yourself,
but every time you say to yourself
that you are going to do something
you need to do it, because if you don’t,
you end up damaging your interior
relationship with yourself,
and adding more and more inner

Today, wake up and stop the
No more excuses.
Just set a new goal and get it done.

Today, begin to heal yourself
by doing everything possible,
in a healthy way,
that will bring about the
most happiness within you,
and within your life.

You don’t have endless time.
The time to start making it right
and enjoying this life,
is right now ~

~ Meno ~


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