The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Do not remain troubled,
down and discouraged,
by what has taken place,
or by what others have said
or done to you.

Life is surely not easy, nor simple.
There is grief, there is pain that comes
to us from time to time.

What you need to see
at this very moment, is that you
have the ability to shape tomorrow,
by how you choose to respond
to today’s pain.

Stop choosing to see yourself as a victim,
and choose instead to persist and win
over every negative.

If you truly want tomorrow to be better,
you can not continue to feel the same
way about things or continue doing
the same things.

To get something different,
you have to do something different.

The world is a mixture of many things,
but It also contains love, happiness,
pleasantness, kindness, hope, fun,
compassion, joy and so on.

You get to decide which energies
you will give your time and attention to,
and by your choices so shall your life be.

The sooner we are able to see
that all good things in life require
constant effort and attention on
our part, the better off we will all be ~

~ Meno ~



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