The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ It is important in life
that you choose the path that you
decide is best for you,
not what other people’s vision
of you should be.

Life is short, be brave and
fight for the freedom to be you.

Many people in your life will be
seeing life in completely
different ways.
They may not understand or
even respect your choices.

The best energy to choose is to
learn to have compassion for those
who can not or are not willing to
understand you.

Its good to remember that each
person lives within a different level
of awareness.
Learn to meet people where
they are, by communicating with
every person within their own
awareness level.
This is the way that helps to create
better relationships and connections.

Begin to make choices
that will help you,
to become the greatest version
of yourself.

Get out there and be around people
and places where you
are celebrated, not tolerated.

Find your “soul family” and connect with
like-minded people who support
what you are doing and remind you
of who you are ~

~ Meno ~


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