The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ When someone does something
and it hurts you badly inside,
most of the hurt happens because of
the way you are seeing the event.
You view it as a huge injustice to you,
so therefore your anger, and/or your
sorrow, kicks in, over what has happened.

What if you didn’t see it that way?
What if you feel no injustice towards
that persons action or words?
What would happen then?

Lets try to see everyone’s behavior
in a different way,
as their own personal struggle,
to deal as best as they can,
with their own particular set of
life circumstances,
given their inner limitations.

They may have said or done some
unkind things, but if you look closer
you will see that it was more out of their
own personal frustration.
This is really due to their own inner
ignorance of themselves and lack
of understanding about reality and
how life really works best,
rather than being about you.

We are all on different personal paths,
operating at different levels and
degrees of sophistication,
knowledge and understanding.

Those of us who know better,
should always take a position of
compassion and education
towards that individual,
not condemnation.

For you too were once ignorant,
and you have been allowed time and
opportunity to grow away from
that ignorance.
Always therefore extend that same
courtesy to everyone you meet ~

~ Meno ~


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