The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ In this life, the most important
relationship you will ever have,
will be the one you have with yourself.

Creating your internal happiness,
can only come from you.

Other peoples opinions,
are just their opinions,
and should not be
the food that feeds you.
You create the food that feeds you.

Those who may not like you,
have nothing to do with you.
“You like you,”
and thats all that matters.
You fill your own cup.

Our past may have left
us with some unhealthy,
self-destructive habits.
But its all just programming,
which you can change.
Start changing how you see yourself.
We must grow ourselves into
self-love and self validation.

When you love yourself,
your cup is always full.
You always have the most to give
and enough to share at any time.
When you love yourself, you are
not being needy with craving
validation from others.

Learn and create love,
by doing the things
that will bring more love into yourself.

Respect yourself enough to surround
yourself with those who will love
and respect you for who you are,
with people who are cheering for you,
supporting what you are doing,
every step of the way.

Being in truly, truly loving
that’s how you love yourself.

Loving yourself gives rise to being
more confident.
Being more confident gives rise to
Trust gives rise to belief,
and belief will give rise
to your manifestation ~

~ Meno ~



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