The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ You will never learn to drive a car,
or ride a bicycle,
by simply reading a book on how
to drive a car
or ride a bicycle.

The same situation also applies,
when you want to bring balance
into your life.

Sure, reading and listening is
always valuable,
and it is possible to learn a great deal
from other people’s experiences
and ideas,
but balance needs to be experienced
and felt.

It is not until you roll up your sleeves,
and start taking action,
that you will find the balance that is right
for you.
Practicing, succeeding, failing,
falling down and getting up again,
is what brings understanding,
learning and your own perfection
into your own life.

It’s by these direct experiences,
that you will begin to master things,
by making the right custom-made
adjustments, made by you,
that are just right for you,
bringing the best possible results
into all the areas of your life ~

~ Meno ~


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