The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ You are so beautiful,
a jewel of divine love,
you just have to see.

All your life,
everything that has ever happened,
even the hard stuff,
has made you into the incredible person
that you truly are,
you just have to see.

Whatever you may think
that yesterday has taken away,
you will find it again today,
you just have to see.

To enjoy living,
It’s not about having to be the best,
just be a little more
than you were yesterday,
you already have so much of what you need,
you just have to see.

Keep living for what tomorrow
has to offer,
because you are part of love’s
beautiful light,
and tomorrow is waiting for you
to shine and to just be,
you just have to see.

You are within a miracle called life,
given to you by life,
and uniquely part of everything
that could ever be.
Begin to live with life,
connect with everything,
and the universe will set you free,
you just have to see.

Live with love, bliss, compassion,
forgiveness, gratitude and passion.
You are the miracle,
within creation,
within you, and within me,
you just have to see ~

~ Meno ~


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