The Beauty of Life – Meno Lopes

~ The things that you would like to
see happen within your life
that will bring you a happier future,
will not happen when your heart
is undecided.

Should I? Should I not?
Go forward? Go back?

Success requires the emotional
balance of a committed heart.

When confronted with a challenge,
the committed heart will search for a
solution, while an undecided heart
searches more for an escape.

A committed heart does not wait for
conditions to be exactly right. Why?
Because conditions are never exactly

Indecision limits the miracles in your life.

The only real limitation you will ever
have is the level of your desire.

It is when your desire is high enough
and your “heart is in it,” that all the
effort you need will happen,
and there will be no limits to what
you can achieve ~

~ Meno ~


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