The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Each one of us
has our own ideas and opinions
that are never going to be
completely in harmony,
between us.

That is because we were created
in such a way,
that guarantees uniqueness.
So you should never try to make
others like you,
because this is a futile path.
Instead you should embrace
this reality of difference.

Reality wants you to work with
and love diversity, difference,
new changes, and newer ideas,
and will always be ready and willing
to reward you,
as you change and evolve higher.

This is how life wants it to be.

The fact we all exist slightly different
from one another,
shows us,
that we are all meant to live this way.

We should all be spending more time,
on developing our own unique path,
and becoming secure with who
we are, with our own uniqueness,
rather than spending time on trying
to tear other peoples differences down ~

~ Meno ~


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