The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Good things will happen for you,
only if you BELIEVE they will,
because if you don’t,
you will unconsciously sabotage
your outcomes,
and you simply won’t have the right
energy to make good things happen.

It is by changing your beliefs,
how you think about things,
that creates a chain reaction
of “change reaction” within your life.

When you change your beliefs,
you change your expectations.
When your expectations change,
your attitude will change.

As your attitude changes,
your behaviour also changes.
When your behaviour changes,
so will the way you perform tasks
and do things.

When you change how you do things,
your performance changes.
As you perform your day to day tasks
and choices, on a much higher level
with higher standards,
everything improves,
and you change your life ~

~ Meno ~


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